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Apple iPhone – I want one

By January 10, 2007Uncategorized

We all knew that it was coming; apparently they wanted to announce it now before formally applying for FCC approval.  I’ve read the first hand reviews and seen the keynote where Steve Jobs gives an amazing demonstration.  It’s no surprise that Apple’s stock jumped 7% yesterday.  Why is iPhone so novel? 

iPhone has a simple, but revolutionary, new user-interface.  No physical keypad, for starters, but there are other features best appreciated by viewing the keynote speech.  Well, apparently, the features are best appreciated by using the phone.  And that’s what I intend to do as soon as they become available (supposedly in June).

I could describe the phone’s features but there’s no point in competing with Apple’s CEO.  Steve Jobs is an absolute master of the corporate presentation, and I highly recommend his keynote as a model of how to communicate to a large audience.

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  • Roger Smith says:

    iPhone is available with Cingular ONLY!?And what if I am stuck under contract with a carrier OTHERthan Cingular but still want a iPhone?Well, the only solutionI could fine was -they get you out of any cell phone contract!

  • jimmy pop says:

    Sprint is always changing prices here and there. Read your contract carefully. It should state that if any price chages are changed (text mess., repair service, etc) you have the right to cancel contract with out penalty within 30 days.

  • Bill Wilson says:

    I’m not sure Apple will win the suit. I’m just noting that it’s not a slam dunk for Cisco. Apple at least has some arguments to make. But Apple let iRiver slide (so far as I know), so some of Apple’s arguments are going to be tough to make as well.

    Shifting gears just slightly, is Cisco’s product well known? I haven’t heard much about it, but one can’t extrapolate anything from my limited knowledge.

    Time to go peruse some trademark blogs to see what those legal eagles have to say.

    It’s a bit of a shame that the announcement of this great product has been sullied a bit by this dispute with Cisco.

  • mominem says:

    Cisco and it predecessors in interest have had telephony products on the market using the iPhone Trademark since 1996 or so and it is registered with the USPO. Apparently Apple attempted to acquire the mark from Cisco. Cisco is also a very rich company and can well afford the litigation. I wouldn’t be too sure Apple will win.

  • Bill Wilson says:

    Well, we now have our first iPhone lawsuit–Cisco filed suit against Apple claiming trademark infringement. Apparently the two companies were in negotiations for a while for a license to use the name.

    I’m no trademark expert, but it would seem to me Cisco has a bit of an uphill climb. Apple is well known in the consumer marketplace, but Cisco is not, so Apple has a stronger claim there. The iPhone trademark is not well known among consumers, so that helps Apple, too. But Apple’s negotiate-no deal-announce product doesn’t look like good faith. This ought to be an interesting case.

  • smack says:

    “Apple brand and marketing is amazzing”

    Sure works on all of you. Rediculous gadgets that you don’t really need.

  • Kevin OKeefe says:

    And so did my kids by the time they got home from school (yes they had heard of it at school), the guys at the Today Show, and the oldtimers (75 plus) at the coffee shop this am. Apple brand and marketing is amazzing.

  • Ernie says:

    I have Sprint too, and I’m going to switch to Cingular when it comes out. Not just because of the iPhone, but because GSM is the International standard and it works in Panama, which my current Sprint phone does not.

  • Dave! says:

    I just have to figure out a way to ditch my Sprint plan without taking a bath… 🙂

  • rcs says:

    They are going to make a mint on that thing. At least four people in my office (myself included) can’t wait to get their hands on one.

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