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Any Seattle Law Firms or Lawyers with Weblogs?

By April 19, 2004Uncategorized

Larry Bodine asked me to find out; he’s going to be in Seattle tomorrow giving a talk on marketing with weblogs. If you know of any lawyers or law firms in Seattle with a weblog please leave a comment (preferably with a hyperlink to the site) below. Thanks.

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  • Balasubramni says:

    Also Dead Parrots has a lawyer blogger or two from Seattle. I should know better!!

  • Yep. I can be reached at and would be interested in touching base with this person.


  • Scheherazade says:

    I think Balasubramania’s Mania is written by a Seattle lawyer.

  • Larry asked me the same thing and being that I am in Seattle you would think I would know of a few. UnfortunateIy, I do not of lawyers who have been blogging from Seattle.

    But we do have a couple Seattle lawyer customers at lexBlog who are just starting – both excellent trial lawyers. Bill Marler of Marler Clark has launched E.Coli blog at https://ecoliblog. We’re proposing we supplement their blog content by lexBlog making daily postings of all ecoli news from around the country.

    The other is Kevin Collucio of Stritmatter Kessler Whelan Withey Coluccio, who is launching later this week. You can see the template up live but postings have not begun so the navigation links appear dead. With the keywords mesothelioma and asbestos as keywords costing as much as $100 a click through on Google and Yahoo a blog putting a law firm doing asbestos work near the top of search results has tremendous value.

    Thanks for putting the comment feature back on your blog. Six Apart, the maker of TypePad and Moveable Type has really been working on ways to limit spam commenting on blogs.

    – Kevin

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