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Another New Orleans Conference – BrainJams

By March 30, 2006Uncategorized

My friend Brian Oberkirch alerted me to this important announcement:

On Thursday May 4th [the unconference community is] going to bring the best of Web 2.0 to the New Orleans small business community in what could be one of the biggest Unconferences of the year. This will be a day of conversation, peer to peer learning, and developing a better understanding of how the technology community can serve the needs of this vitally important city as it comes back from the trajedy that was Katrina. Our goal is to help small businesses understand how they can make the most of blogs, social networks, tagging, wikis and other collaboration tools – but I have a feeling that much more will come of this. (read more)

If you aren’t familiar with ‘unconferences’ they’re basically conferences that people attend to network and learn in a less conventional setting (i.e. not with speakers and audiences, more like everyone is both a speaker and an audience member). This is big news! 

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One Comment

  • Chris Heuer says:

    Thanks Ernie – am hoping you can make it and really looking forward to finally meeting you since I keep hearing your name all over the place out here in San Francisco and down in the valley…

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