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Announcing Airport Express – Apple Rocks!!!

By June 8, 2004apple

So Apple has announced a small easy to use device that will allow me to stream music from home computers that run iTunes (that’s all 5 computers, including Windows machines, in my house) into the home stereo that’s piped through most of the house. Cost? $129. That’s a bargain.

The best part, though, is that this device is also a Wi-Fi base station. So when I travel I can take it with me and use it make the hotel ethernet into a Wi-Fi signal so I can surf the net from anywhere in my room. And, lastly, the little white device has a USB port so you can use it for wireless network printing to an attached printer. The only downside is that it only supports 10 wireless connections at a time. If you can call that a downside.

I’m buying one as soon as they become available.

Update: here is a great post on how the Airport Express will work.

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