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Andrew Legrand

Andrew Legrand is the founder/owner of Spera Law Group, LLC, a New Orleans based law firm focused on business law. Andrew is nationally recognized as an innovative lawyer, and has spoken at various legal conferences including the ABA TechShow in Chicago and Clio’s Cloud Conference.

Andrew Legrand started practicing law in 2011. He had only $800 to invest in creating his solo practice, but he was clever and strategic about using technology to systematize and automate his practice.

Andrew quickly built his practice up not only by using automation, but also through the use of outsourcing as he described in this interview with Nicole Black of MyCase at the 2016 Louisiana Solo & Small Firm Conference.

Andrew talks about the importance of using specialized outsourcing services like Ruby Receptionists. But he also discusses the use of generalized outsourcing services such as Upwork and Fiverr.

The outsourcing landscape has changed significantly since the 2016 interview, and so has Andrew’s law firm. He is no longer a solo lawyer, and has grown his firm dramatically.

Andrew is a pioneer in alternative billing, having adopted a subscription based billing model that provides him with a steady flow of recurring income that helps keep his cash flow even. Watch the interview below to learn more about Andrew’s subscription billing model.

Andrew enjoys sharing his insights with other solo and small firm lawyers who’re eager to streamline their practices through the sensible use of technology and innovative business practices.

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