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Analyzing the Dean Campaign Collapse

By February 9, 2004websites

Joe Trippi was the opening speaker this morning and he talked about why the Dean Campaign was more a ‘ miracle’ than a ‘ bust.’ Since, I had previously linked to Clay Shirky’s post about this topic, I think it is important to link to Jay Rosen’s piece. As a hint of what his article is about I include the headline and the first few lines of text:

Voices at the Crash Site Say the Frontrunner Was Never Ahead

The Howard Dean crash site has been visited a lot already. Writers on the Net are starting to struggle over their interpretations, including the role of the Net in Dean’s crash. But the press suffered a crash too. Where do we locate that site?

As I have been saying, I think the press crashes a lot. But until recently there was nobody to cover the errors of our mainstream press. But now we have a lot of smart, well-read people who have access to cheap web-publishing tools. And that is going to make a significant difference. Sometimes.

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