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An Inconvenient Truth

By June 18, 2006Uncategorized

It was a quiet Father’s Day for me.  My daughters are away at camp in Tennessee and so, after playing some frisbee with my son, I decided to go see An Inconvenient Truth.  If you haven’t heard about this film and if you haven’t developed the curiosity to go see it then nothing I say is going to inspire you; so I’ll skip over describing the film’s important message.  As someone who experienced Katrina, a storm that had long been predicted and yet which everyone was still completely unprepared for, I’m not for one minute expecting that we will address the threat of global warming.  So, let’s focus on some irrelevant minutae.

In the film Al Gore used a software program called Keynote, which is Apple’s version of Powerpoint, and he used it quite effectively.  No doubt he had some help creating the stunning slides he used in his presentation.  Still, I think that everyone who uses software like Powerpoint should go to this film to learn how to create better presentations.  Great presentations, can’t overcome the tremendous force of human denial, but if we’re going to screw up the planet then at least we should have some nice imagery of what it used to look like.

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