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An Excellent New Blawg Adventure

By March 28, 2005Uncategorized

Denise Howell, Dennis Kennedy, Tom Mighell, Marty Schwimmer and I have embarked upon a new blog adventure.  Thanks to the kindness of Hylton Jolliffe over at Corante we have started a group blog at Corante’s site called Between Lawyers.

The idea is for the aforementioned gang members to have conversations in public about law and technology.  We’ve been having these conversations in a back channel E-mail discussion group for a few months now.  Now we’re going to have more of them in public.  So the name is partly suggestive of the notion that there is a discussion taking place ‘between lawyers.’  But that’s not the true inspiration of the name, which really comes from a line in the movie Wayne’s World.

So there you have it.  Lawyers who liked the movie Wayne’s World enough to name their new blog after it.  Awe-inspiring, isn’t it?  Well, you best mosey over there because there is no telling what will happen next.  Here’s a link to the RSS feed.

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