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An easy way to manage tasks & appointments

By September 13, 2010websites

If you have a reliable system for keeping track of your tasks and appointments then you are truly blessed. For some of us, though, the frenetic pace of digital information always conspires to keep us off-balance. At the big firm I had a secretary and depended on her to automatically handle many small administrative tasks.

These days I'm a solo, and I no longer have a secretary. But with the software and web tools that are available for little cost (or even for free), I don't need a secretary to handle administrative tasks. One of these tools is something called Reqall, which is best described by New York Times Tech Columnist, David Pogue:

There's an iPhone application for Reqall, and it's definitely the fastest way to enter a bunch of tasks and appointments.  I have Reqall set up to automatically add appointments to my Google calendar. I other words, when I launch the iPhone app and then say “lunch tomorrow with Joe at noon at Santa Fe restaurant” that will be added to my calendar and synced to all my devices (usually in about an hour at most, often more quickly). To me that's a weird form of magic. Somehow, it actually works. Reliably.

For more information on Reqall click here. The basic version is free, but I recommend the pro version ($24.99/yr) for the many extra features that it provides. But play with it first and see if you like the free version. It's very powerful, and definitely solves the problem of making appointments and keeping track of stray tasks and thoughts.

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