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ABC’s presidential debate

By April 19, 2008Uncategorized

Picture_1ABC’s recent democratic debate was a festival of morons (the questioners, not the candidates). I didn’t watch it because, frankly, I’ve had enough mindless coverage of the presidential campaign. Apparently, though, ABC seized the opportunity to set a new standard for brainlessness. If you missed the debate (and I hope you did), then enjoy Jon Stewart’s skewering recap of Thursday night’s lunacy.

And here’s a shocker: apparently George Stephanopoulos used questions supplied to him by Sean Hannity. Another reason not to watch TV, especially ABC.

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One Comment

  • Tom O'Connor says:

    Interesting comments this morning on ABC by Sam Donaldson (“everybody is criticizing the questions, what about the answers? Presidents get asked bad questions all the time and have to answer them and how they answer them is still important”) and Cokie Roberts (“the American voter knows that the President doens’t make the decision on capital gains tax or social security or the prime interest rate. The voters decide who to vote for on a gut check about the character of the candidate and whether they like him or not and these questions did more to give a sense of who the candidates are”)What an interesting spin by two long time Beltway insiders …defending one of their own of course. Duitng the discussion Goerge Will sat there saying nothing and when Donaldosn and Roberts finsihed he would say “Let’s go back to capital gains” which pretty much summed up his position I think.

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