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ABA Seminar on Insurance issues in light of Katrina

By November 9, 2005law practice

The ABA’s Tort, Trial and Insurance Practice Section is putting on a teleconference program that deals with insurance issues that have arisen in the wake of our recent string of hurricanes.  The program is free to the first 200 registrants and thereafter is $50 for ABA members.  Among the topics discussed are:

  • Flood insurance: how will courts resolve the pivotal questions now arising from this coverage?
    Causation: how will courts resolve concurrent cause issues, and who has the burden of proof when the structure no longer exists?
  • Business Interruption: how will courts resolve disputes concerning interruptions (including contingent interruptions)?
  • Bad Faith: how will courts handle these claims, and what will be the effect of the inevitable delays and mistakes?
  • Pollution Exclusions: do these exclusions apply to Katrina claims?

Looks like a good seminar for Louisiana attorneys to tune into.  I’ve signed up.  The program is called Katrina to Beta: Insurance Issues in the Wake of the Storm and it is from 1:30 – 3:00 EST on December 1st.

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