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A non-partisan Katrina blog

By January 15, 2006Uncategorized

Shawn Holahan and I are no longer married, but we have three kids so obviously we stay in touch.  Shawn recently organized a rally to draw attention to the need for strong levees and her rally got a lot of good press: The Times Picayune, and also a write-up in the New York Times.  Her strategy is to create a non-partisan group to push for strong levees, and her weblog is called  Check it out.

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  • Mark Folse says:

    I applaud her efforts. While I’ve taken to wearing my partisan displeasure at the current federal leadership openly on my blog, it’s only becuase of my sense of frustration at several levels: first at the post-K response of the government, and the continuing political posturing by everyone involved, and even by the complete unwillingness of the other side to do anything even vaguely bi-partisan.

    If New Orleans can’t get past black versus white, rich versus poor, east bank versus west bank, Limbaugh versus lefty, we are doomed. We have perhaps the last chance in an increasingly fractious nation to prove we are still all Americans, that we are really the children and grand children of the people now called “the greatest generation.”

    Cheers for your ex and her efforts.

  • JK Schwehm says:

    A great strategy and a great rally. The kids should be proud on their Mom. Let’s keep the talk going and see what one voice with many more added can do. Build Stronger Levees!

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