3 Essential Tech Tools

By December 11, 2018 January 16th, 2019 Law + Tech

Too many lawyers waste time with “shiny tech objects.”

But, you understand the need to focus on just a few key tech tools.

And you understand that time is precious and…

You need the best return on your investment of time. And of course, money too.

The 3 Essential Tools

So let’s talk about 3 important tech tools that can help improve your practice…

By making you more efficient, and by improving the quality of your work.

First, let me say these are tech tools you may not have heard of.

Or maybe you heard about them but dismissed them as not useful to your practice (that would be a mistake).

Here are the three tools that are game changers for modern lawyers:

  1. Slack – a simple and powerful collaboration tool that eliminates the frustration of relying too much on email.
  2. GoToMeeting – a virtual meeting tool that is one of several similar tools.
  3. Automated scheduling services like Acuity, Calendly and ScheduleOnce

Let’s examine each one a little more closely.

1. Slack

This is a powerful tool for collaboration and information sharing.

Last week I cautioned that too many lawyers waste time with “shiny tech tools” that aren’t all that useful.

I said that there are 3 tech tools that ARE incredibly useful, but…

Too many lawyers don’t know about these tools, or they know a bit but have too quickly dismissed them.

Today, I’m going to tell you about the first one.

SLACK: A Powerful Collaboration Tool

Most lawyers experience excess frustration with email because it wasn’t designed for modern collaboration.

They don’t seem to know how to escape the email quandary.

The answer is an amazing tool called Slack.

Slack allows modern knowledge workers to collaborate easily in ways that email does not.

The best way to understand why Slack is so powerful is to use it for awhile.

Realistically, you’re not going to want to set up a Slack account and experiment just to get a sense of how it works.

You’re too busy, right?

(probably due in no large part to having to deal with email frustration, but anyway…)

The second best way to grasp the power of Slack is to peer over the shoulders of attorneys who are using it in their practice.

To that end, read this blog post by savvy business lawyer Lee Rosen where he details how he uses Slack in his law firm to share important information about specific cases, firm administration and more.

You can also learn about Slack if you join my Co-Pilot coaching program because we use Slack there as well.

Below is a short video that explains how we use Slack in a nutshell.

Mobile-Powered As Well

Slack has a mobile app that allows you to use it on your smartphone, another reason why it’s so useful.

For example, as I write this email I’m on a cruise ship in the Caribbean ocean off the coast of Columbia.

I’m able to use Slack from my iPhone to communicate with dozens of people all around the world.

Slack lets me share information quickly and easily (as opposed to email which is usually frustrating)

In the modern firm you have to be able to easily collaborate with people from anywhere and that’s what Slack lets you do.

2. GoToMeeting

(discussion coming soon via an update to this post)


The Bottom Line…

Too many solo & small firm lawyers struggle to meet the day-to-day demands of practicing law while also dealing with the business side of their practice.

If you want to stop struggling and start streamlining, here are a few ways I can help…

  1. Join my free private Facebook Group, We have 500+ like-minded lawyers who share some great practice management strategies. And who offer sincerely helpful encouragement.
  2. Listen to my LawFirm Autopilot podcast, an ongoing audio course in how to make your practice more profitable and easier to manage.
  3. Sign up for one of my online programs, designed for solo & small firm attorneys who want to learn how to work less, earn more, and spend more time relaxing away from the office.
  4. And if you’re looking to start a new law firm? Check out: Starting a New Law Firm: How To Create A Smooth-Running, Profitable Practice.

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