This Gets People’s Attention

By September 4, 2018law, Operations

It’s been 11 years since the judge I worked for passed away.

The two years I clerked for Judge Duplantier completely shaped me as a lawyer.

Some of his lessons were hard for me to absorb.

But one thing I picked up quickly was not to waste anything: not words, and especially not time.

Oyez, Oyez, Oyez

Section H’s courtroom was completely devoid of clutter.

The only thing on the desk where the clerks sat was a small placard. On it were written the words to be used to open court (which was done by the law clerks).

I’ll never forget when I first picked up the placard, on my very first day at work.

“Oyez, Oyez, Oyez” were the first words on the placard.

Except I noticed that the last ‘oyez’ was stricken through.

I immediately turned and asked the senior co-clerk why that last word was stricken.

He looked at me with a stern face…

To let me know that what he was about to say next was of utmost importance:

“We only say the ‘oyez’ twice because it saves time.”

That got my attention.

For a long time I believed that Judge Duplantier had strikes the third oyez to save time.

But eventually, the truth hit me.

There was something more than just saving a few seconds in opening the court…

He was sending a message

The judge knew that people would gossip about the two oyez’s. And he knew that would help send his message.

What was his message?

Being efficient with time is of paramount importance.

If he had simply said do not waste time it wouldn’t have meant as much.

Striking through the third oyez was a stroke of genius.

Work smart, not hard

The judge never worked on weekends.

He didn’t have to because he got all of his work done quickly and efficiently. And he made sure that everyone who worked in Section H did the same.

One day I was having lunch with a friend who clerked for another judge in the court, one who was known for only taking clerks from Ivy league law schools.

My friend told me what his judge felt whenever he drove by the Eastern District courthouse on a weekend and saw the lights on his chambers.

“Makes me damn proud to see my clerks in their working hard on the weekends,” the judge said.

One day at lunch I mentioned this to Judge Duplantier. He rolled his eyes, and then grimaced.

“If I ever find out you are in here working on a weekend I’ll know it’s because you have sloppy work habits,” he told me.

Once again, sending the message: don’t ever waste time.

What message are you sending?

If you have people working for you, perhaps you should send a clear message about your expectations for how they should do their jobs.

People will make their own assessments—unless you take the initiative and set the agenda.

For one thing, you should have an employee manual or policy handbook that spells out the expectations you have for each staff position.

My friend John Fisher even goes to the point of creating a “position contract” that every employee has to sign.

Is it necessary for his firm to have a “position contract”?

Maybe not.

But then again, if he wants to send a strong message…

Maybe so.

Think about it.

And by the way, I recommend you get a copy of John Fisher’s book The Power of a System, available in Kindle version at Amazon.

And if you want to see a copy of his “position contract” look in the “Files” area of the LawFirm Autopilot Facebook group.

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