One powerful insight can change your life and put you on a wonderful new course.

But how often can you expect to get a powerful life-changing insight?

Think about the last time you had an amazing, out-of-the-blue insight. It felt good, right?

You’re obviously grateful for the insights you receive. Maybe you even write them down.

Unfortunately some insights slip by unnoticed. You have a lot of those, probably.

Or, sometimes an insight will appear unexpectedly, and then you can’t fully leverage its power.

When you practice meditation (or mindfulness) you’ll be fully prepared to receive insights.

Meditation makes you better able to act on insights you receive.

Meditation helps you notice more of the insights that are slipping by.

Meditation also helps you make deep connections between your insights (the power of this cannot be over-emphasized).

Life-changing insights are swirling around you all the time, but you probably aren’t fully leveraging their power.

Meditation can help you change that.


  • Maverick says:

    I could read a book about this without finding such real-world aphcoarpes!

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